Huguenot Emigration to America

(Compiled from various sources by Jean Grunewald and borrowed from Dianne Blankenstein pages)
Huguenot Emigration to America, Baird 284.5 B B.2


The village of Saint Severe, in the province of Berri, was the birthplace of Isaac Porcher de Richebourg, the ancestor of a prominent Huguenot family of South Carolina. Isaac was a physician, and had taken his degree at the University of Paris. With his wife, Claude Cherigny, a native of Touraine, he fled soon after the Revocation to England, perhaps in company with his relative, CLAUDE PHILIPPE DE RICHEBOURG,

a Protestant minister, afterwards pastor of the French colony on the James River in Virginia, and of the French church in Charleston. The Porchers were descended from the Counts of Richebourg. (1) (1) “Isaac Porcher, ne a St. Severe en Berry, fils d’Isaac Porcher, et de Suzanne Ferre. Claude Cheriny, sa femme… This family is descended from the Comtes de Richebourg. Isaac Porcher de Richebourg, M.D. of the University of Paris, married Claude Cheriny, of the province of Touraine, and after the Edict of Revocation, they fled to South Carolina under British rule…To the same family, doubtless, belonged CLAUDE PHILIPPE DE RICHEBOURG, a Huguenot pastor who came to Virginia in 1699, as minister of the French colony at Manakin town, on the James river. In 1712 he left that colony and removed to South Carolina, where he succeeded Pierre Robert as minister of the French settlement at Santee. He died in 1719.”

p. 177 Chapter IX 1700 The Expedition to Virginia

“It was in the spring of the year 1700, that a fleet of four vessels set sail from gravesend…They were followed within two months by a second company…A third detachment sailed not long after, and a fourth…In all, the colonists numbered over seven hundred…Three ministers of the Gospel, and two physicians, accompanied the expedition. The ministers were CLAUDE PHILIPPE DE RICHEBOURG, Benjamin De Joux, and Louis Lantane. The physicians were Castaing and La Sosee…”

(Many other references in the book.)

p. 45 A list of Ye French refugees that are settled att ye Mannachin Town are as follows:

In ye first Shipp

Mr. Phillip (43) and his wife, 2… (was first on list)

(43) the full name of the minister thus modestly designated was Claude Phillipe de Richebourg. He was a relative of Isaac Porcher de Richebourg, the ancestor of a prominent Huguenot family of South Carolina, both being descended from the Counts of richebourg, of St. Severe. Owing to disputes in his parish, which were referred to the Council of virginia September 2, 1707, M. Phillippem with numerous followers, left Virginia soon after this date and settled in the Carolinas.

p. 105-6 Chapter VII 1681-1686 Isaac Porcher & Pasteur DE