Who was that Guy? (Claude Philippe)

(Compiled from various sources by Jean Grunewald and borrowed from Dianne Blankenstein pages)


THE HUGUENOT: CLAUDE PHILIPPE DE RICHBOURG came to Manakin Town on the “Mary and Ann” 7-23-1700; married before leaving France, ANN CHASTAIN; they had John who died 1748; Rene who died 1740, married Catherine Peyre; James; Charles; Claudius; Elizabeth.

About 1712-1713, CLAUDE P. DE RICHEBOURG moved to the Huguenot colony at Jamestown in S. C.; there he succeeded the ages Pierre Robert as pastor of the church in 1715.


He died 1718-1719 and his will in French at one time at the Public Office in Charleston, can no longer be found….

His wife, ANNA CHASTAIN and six children survived him, the children being of tender age. Though the dates of birth of the children are not known, it is thought that they were born in the following order: Charles, Rene, John, James, Claudius, and Elizabeth. The will of Pierre de St. Julian of Berkeley Co., S. C. dated 6-2-1718 mentions 20 pds to Monsieur CLAUDE PHILLIPE DE RICHEBOURG, minister. The will of Isaac Porcher of S.C. dated 9-25-1726 mentions his wife’s godsons and goddaughters, the children of late Mr. RICHEBOURG.

There is an advertisement in the Gazette of March 17, 1764 offering a tract of 200 acres of land in St. James, Santee, for sale. This advertisement was placed by Claudius Richebourg, and recites that it was originally a tract of land granted to John Barnett in 1705, who conveyed it to my mother, ANN DE RICHBOURG and directs that anyone interested treat with Mr. Peper Porcher in Charles Towne, where the deeds may be seen, or with the subscriber in St. Mark’s Parish, about 25 miles from Nelson’s Ferry. It is signed by Claudius Richebourg.


Charles Richebourg was a Petit Juror in St. John’s Berkeley in 1731. He was mentioned in the will of Paul Ravenel, planter of Berkeley Co. dated 1-20-1735/6. The will of Charles Richebourg of Berkeley Co. dated 4-10-1736, proved 10-8-1746; Brothers: Rene Richebourg, my plantation where I now live; John Richebourg, plantation where he now lives, part of my plantation called Long Acres; James and Claudius Richebourg; sister Elizabeth Richbourg; niece Catherine Richebourg; mentions residue of estate to said brothers and sister; Exec: brother Rene Richebourg; Witn.: St. Cabanas, Jos. de St. Julien, Rene Ravenel,Jr. From this Will, it is fairly certain that Charles died without wife or children.

John Richebourg was a Petit Juror in St. John’s Berkeley in 1737 and 1740. John Richebourg, planter of Berkeley Co., dated his will 11-2-1743, proved 12-27-1742: Brothers: James and Claudius Richebourg; sister Elizabeth Richebourg; to nephew Rene, eldest son of my brother Rene Richebourg deceased, plantation in Berkeley Co. on Margate Swamp: to nephew Charles, son of said brother; mentions residue of estate to said brothers and sister; Exec.: James de St. Julian, Peter Herman, brother James Richebourg; Witn. Rene Ravenel, Jr., David Lafons, Thomas McDaniel. From this Will, it is fairly certain that John died without wife or children and his brother Charles died before his will.

Claudius Richebourg is listed separately as the major descendent.

James Richebourg was listed as a Petit Juror of St. James Goose Creek in 1737, and as James Richebourg, Wassumsaw, a Petit Juror of St. James Goose Creek in 1740. He was alive at the writing of his brother John’s will in 1743, but nothing found after that.

Elizabeth Richebourg was alive at the time of her brother John’s will in 1743, but nothing definite after that. Was the following Will abstract incorrectly copies or printed and a clue to Elizabeth, dau. of CLAUDE P. DE RICHEBOURG? The Will of Susannah Singleton of Berkeley Co., Widow of James Singleton was dated 6-4-1754, proved 11-28-1755, and mentions Elizabeth Frierson, dau. of Rev. Claud Richardson. Was there a Rev. Claud Richardson? The writer has found no one of that name. Should this be Elizabeth Frierson, dau. of Rev. Claud Richebourg?

Rene Richebourg of Craven Co. dated his will 11-27-1740, proved 5-17-1744; wife Catherine, to live on my plantation during her widowhood; sons: Charles, plantation where I now live, Rene and Samuel – all under 21 years; daughters: Catherine and Elizabeth under 21 years and unmarried; mentions children to be under care of my executors and to be educated; said children to make their “living by Trade or other honest Employment Provided it is not against the good will of their Mother” Execs: Phillip, Rene, Samuel Peyre; Witn. Anne Crouche, Es. Cavanis, John Pamor. Rene Richbourg listed as a Petit Juror in St. John’s Berkeley in 1731; as a Petit & Grand Juror in St. James Santee in 1740. Rene Richebourg m. Catherine Peyre, dau. of David Peyre and Judith Boisseau. They lived at Sandy Hill Plantation on Santee River, S.C. As Elizabeth Catherine Peyre married Rene de Richebourg, son of the Rev. CLAUDE PHILLIPE DE RICHEBOURG. David Peyre of Cravin Co. made his will 4-8-1734, proved 3-13-1734/5; wife Judith; sons: Philip, Rene, Samuel – under 21 years; daughters eldest Jean, Catherine and Elizabeth; daughters Judith and Lydia under 21 years… The will of Judith Peyre of St. Stephen’s Parish, Craven Co., widow of David Peyre, was dated 12-26-1754, proved 1-27-1758; sons: Samuel and Rene; daughters: Catherine Crouch, Judith Caw, Lydia Gaillard, Jean Boisseau, grandchildren: Charles, Rene, Samuel Richbourg, children of dau. Catherine: grandchildren, John, Judith, Samuel Dubose, children of dau. Judith; Exec.: 2 sons; Witn: Alcimus Gaillard, Peter Sinkler, James Boisseau. From Judith Peyre’s will, evidently Rene Richebourg’s widow remarried. In 1706, the Parish of St. James, Santee was established in the colonial Craven County, Province of south Carolina, with the Parish Church at James Town, S. C. That area of the parish was settled primarily by Huguenot families and soon acquired the unofficial name of French Santee. The upper part of the Parish around St. Stephen attracted predominately English steelers (although in time there was considerable intermarriage with the French) and commonly was known as English Santee.

The children of Rene:

1. Samuel Richebourg–from his will it is fairly certain that Samuel died without wife or children.

2. Rene Richebourg–whether he married & had children or died a bachelor is not known.

3. Catherine Richbourg–nothing is known.

4. Elizabeth Richbourg married Joseph Palmer.

5. Charles Richbourg m. Elizabeth Palmer Ch:

Charles Richbourg–no wife or children listed in his will.
Elizabeth Richbourg m. Thomas Palmer.
Catherine Richbourg m. O’Neal Gough Stevens.