James Richbourg

(Compiled from various sources by Jean Grunewald and borrowed from Dianne Blankenstein pages)

James Richbourg, son of CLAUDIUS from Jean Grenewald

James Richbourg inherited 1 negro from his father CLAUDIUS RICHBOURG 2-16-1778, and was one of the Executors of his father Claudius’ will.

1788 Tax List for Clarendon: James Richbourg – 12 slaves, 1,050 acres; also for the estate of CLAUDIUS RICHBOURG. 1790 Clarendon Census as Sr.: 3 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 4 females. 1800 Sumter Census, Clarendon: 2 m 1-9, 1 m 45 or over, 1 f 1-9, 3 f 10-15, 1 f 16-25, 1 f 26-44, 23 slaves

1-15-1772 a survey for James Richbourg for 400 a. on waters of Jacks Cr., bound: W-his land, John Sullivan, all other sides vacant. Not dated a survey for James Richbourg for 200 a. on Big Branch of Jacks Cr., bonne: all vacant. He had rec a grant for 100 ac. on Jacks Cr. on 5-21-1764, and a grant for 400 a. Jacks Creek on 12-3-1771; he sold both to Richard Singleton. 8-7-1784 survey for Jas. Richbourg for 400 a. on (both sides of) Sammy Sw., bound: Henry Richbourg, all other sides vacant. 9-6-1784 survey for Jas. Richbourg for 150 a. on Jacks Cr., bound: Richard Dennis, vacant, vacant, Jas. Richbourg, John… 8-31-1784 survey for James Richbourg for 200 a. on Jacks Cr., bound: vacant, vacant. Jas. Richbourg, CLAUDIUS RICHBOURG. As James Richbourg Sr., a warrant 4-7-1802, survey 5-3-1802 for 334 a. on Big Branch on an E prong of Jacks Creek bound: Jas. Richbourg, John Richbourg, Newton, grant to Unity Nesbit, Francis Lesesne, Peter Dardelia.

Soon after the Rev. War began, James Richbourg was in the volunteer company of Capt. Richard Richardson, according to his brother John Richbourg’s sworn statement for a pension for Rev. War service. DAR PATRIOT INDEX: James Richbourg born 1735, die 1804, married Mrs. Levisea Maples, performed Patriotic Service in South Carolina.

James Richbourg was married at least twice as will be shown in the following deeds. James Richbourg of St. marks parish and wife Recebba sold on 4-12-1787 to Richard Singleton 700 acres in 3 tracts on Jacks Cr., Santee River; Witn.: P. Dardelia, Hughes Fournieu. These 700 acres on Jacks Cr. are as follows from a Plat made 11-24-1814: 287 1/2 acres survey for 200 a. for him 3-2-1772: 106 3/4 acres surv’d for 100 a. for him 5-21-1764; 486 acres surv’d for 400 a. for him 1-15-1772.

Of Clarendon, Jas. Richbourg bought 2-11-1795 from John Nelson 100 a. on Taw-Caw Sw. On 2-11-1795, he bought 100 a. on Taw Caw Sw. from James Nelson. On 2-19-1795 he bought from Susanna Richbourg the 3rd 100 a. same location. On 2-20-1795, James Richbourg Sr. and wife Lovici (X) sold the same 300 acres on Taw Caw to Robert Dingle: Witn.: Wm. and Solomon Buddin.

James Richbourg Sr. made his will 8-28-1803, probated 1-7-1804: wife Lavisia, dau. Isabella L. Nelson, dau. Susanna Terry, dau Elizabeth Richbourg, dau. Mary Gayle, sons Joseph and Daniel Dela Richbourg, dau. in law Dorothy Maples, granddau. Margaret Bosher, under age: Exec.: Mathew James, Henry Richbourg: Witn: Chas. Brunson Sr. & Narcissus Graham.

1810 Sumter Census, Clarendon – Louisa Richbourg: 2 m 10-15, 1 f 45 or +, 8 slaves. 2-13-1811, Louisa Richbourg’s land bound on Jacks Creek. Louisa Richbourg had died before 1-10-1817 when Joseph Richbourg was appointed Adm. of her estate. The DAR records previously mentioned stated that James Richbourg married Mrs. Levisea Maples. James Richbourg’s Will mentioned a dau. in law Dorothy Maples; certainly at that time, the expression “dau. in law” was often used to denote a “dau. by law” or stepdaughter. However, the marital status of Louisa (or Levisea or Lovici or Lavisia, as she appears on various records) cannot be proved by this compiler. She may have been the widow of a Maples with a daughter Dorothy, although the late Wilhelm Von Hacks found no records in Sumter District to establish this. The 10-24-1793 Will of Mary Maples, widow of Thos. Maples Sr., named among her grandchildren one Dorothy Maples, and as a living daughter one Lovey Maples. If this Lovey Maples was the dau. of Mary Maples and not the widow of a son, and if Lovey was she who appears as Louisa, Levisea, Lovici, etc. – then she may have been unmarried with a child when she married James Richbourg.